Conax launch new secure platform

Saxat från Conax hemsida: This year at IBC, Conax will launch a completely new security platform - content protection is being transported to a truly new dimension,” announces Geir Bjørndal ...Läs mer



2 st TV 4 reportage om illegal card sharing

Del 1: Illegala tv-boxar omsätter 100-tals miljoner, sändes 20100529, länk till ...Läs mer



Aritikel i Norska Aftonposten om illegal card sharing

Piratjegerne i STOP går først og fremst etter bakmenn. Men når nettverk blir avslørt, sitter også kunder i klisteret. Stadig flere blir avslørt for piratkort. ...Läs mer



Polis har gripit 2 personer för card sharing brott

Polisen i Växjö och Degerfors grep under tisdagen två personer misstänkta för avkodningsbrott. Läs ...Läs mer




What is STOP

STOP is short for Scandinavian TV-Organizations Against Piracy. The organisation works on behalf of the TV-industry in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland to prevent piracy against the programmes distributed by the Pay-TV-companies.

STOP has offices throughout Scandinavia and work together with antipiracy-organisations in most European countries.

STOP:s work range from information campaigns to the tracking down and legally pursuing of the people occupied with different kinds of piracy.

Swedish law

To produce, import, offer/sell, install, support etc. piracy equipment with the purpose to give unauthorized access to the content of an encoded radio- or TV-programme, is a breach of law "Act (2000:171) on prohibition against piracy equipment" in Sweden. Also promotion and advertisement of such equipment are not permitted. Distribution of codes and piracy cards, i.e. via the internet is also a violation of the law.

Violators of the law face severe fines and imprisonment for up to two years.

Violators of the law also face heavy damages.


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